Does Halle Berry Dip Her Breasts in Guacamole in New Movie?

Have you heard about Halle Berry dipping her boobs in a bowl of guacamole in the new comedy Movie 43?

Well, put those tortilla chips away because her food porn performance has been greatly exaggerated.

The bosom you see is fake!

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It’s been reported that the Oscar winner smears her bare breasts with guacamole in a scene directed by Peter Farrelly, one of many directors who contributed to the raunchy star-packed flick.

The rumor mill took off online and in the English tabloids after Farrelly told the Chicago Sun-Times that he and Berry “came up with a scene where she puts her breasts in guacamole” because the movie is a “hard R.”

Sources who have seen the movie report that it’s obvious Berry used prosthetics. The guacamole-dipping happens when a date Berry’s character is on at a Mexican restaurant unexpectedly turns into a game of truth or dare.

“They’re so huge,” one source said. “You can totally tell they’re fake.”

A rep for Berry confirms they are fake.