Halle Berry & Jennifer Garner Join Forces To Support Anti-Paparazzi Bill That Would Make Photographing Their Kids A Crime

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Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner have both been there and done that—and they’re so over it.

“I chose a public life,” Garner, who’s on the cover of the September issue of Allure, acknowledged today in Sacramento, testifying before the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety in support of a proposed anti-paparazzi bill that would make it a crime for shutterbugs to photograph children without their legal guardian’s permission.

“My three children are private citizens,” she said. “I love my kids. They’re beautiful and sweet and innocent, and I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing, lawbreaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day, every day, to continue traumatizing my kids.”

Berry, who also testified before lawmakers in Sacramento in June and has repeatedly tried to ward off paparazzi from bothering her daughter at school, had her own horror stories to share as well.

The pregnant Oscar winner said Tuesday that photographers have asked her 5-year-old child, “‘How do you feel, Nahla? You may not see your father again. How do you feel about that?’

“They say curse words and call me names, all trying to provoke some sort of response to sell a photograph.”

Senate Bill 606, written by Sen. Kevin DeLeon of Los Angeles, would change the legal definition of harassment to include photographing or recording a child without the permission of a legal guardian.

The proposed legislation is expected to be heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Newspaper publishers have expressed concern that the bill could inhibit them from doing their jobs.

Does Halle Berry Dip Her Breasts in Guacamole in New Movie?

Have you heard about Halle Berry dipping her boobs in a bowl of guacamole in the new comedy Movie 43?

Well, put those tortilla chips away because her food porn performance has been greatly exaggerated.

The bosom you see is fake!

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It’s been reported that the Oscar winner smears her bare breasts with guacamole in a scene directed by Peter Farrelly, one of many directors who contributed to the raunchy star-packed flick.

The rumor mill took off online and in the English tabloids after Farrelly told the Chicago Sun-Times that he and Berry “came up with a scene where she puts her breasts in guacamole” because the movie is a “hard R.”

Sources who have seen the movie report that it’s obvious Berry used prosthetics. The guacamole-dipping happens when a date Berry’s character is on at a Mexican restaurant unexpectedly turns into a game of truth or dare.

“They’re so huge,” one source said. “You can totally tell they’re fake.”

A rep for Berry confirms they are fake.

Gabriel Aubry Loses Court Appeal, Still Barred From Seeing Daughter Nahla

Despite his best efforts, Gabriel Aubry is still legally barred from seeing his little girl. Following his violent tussle with ex-girlfriend Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving, the model, 36, pled with a family court judge in L.A. on Tuesday Nov. 27 to lift a restraining order which keeps him at least 100 yards away from his daughter, 4, plus Berry and Martinez, 46.

But, the judge dismissed Aubry’s request, TMZ reports. Still, thanks to a clerical error, the emergency order against the French-Canadian stunner will be lifted earlier than expected: Thursday Nov. 29 rather than the original later date of Dec. 3. In order to extend the ban, Berry will be required to file another request in court.

Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Brawl With Olivier Martinez

Tensions got the best of Halle Berry’s Thanksgiving holiday when her fiancé and her ex came to blows outside her Los Angeles residence.

The brawl left both Gabriel Aubry, the father of Berry’s daughter Nahla, and current love Olivier Martinez injured after Aubry dropped off their 4½-year-old to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Los Angeles Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

“Gabriel attacked Olivier and Olivier defended himself,” a source tells PEOPLE. Martinez – whose father was a professional boxer – boxed competitively for a number of years prior to his acting career.

According to TMZ, Martinez, 46, approached Aubry, 36, to speak with him and the two began to fight. Martinez may have a broken hand and neck injuries, while Aubry suffered a broken rib, contusions to the face and a possible head injury. Both were treated at a hospital.

Aubry later “was booked for a private persons arrest for battery,” LAPD spokesperson Andrew Smith tells PEOPLE. He has since been released from custody and will appear in court on Dec. 13.

Additionally, PEOPLE confirms that an emergency protective order was granted requiring Aubry to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla. The altercation follows this month’s court decision denying Berry the right to relocate her daughter to France.