Producer Chris Stokes Wins Million-Dollar Defamation Lawsuit Against ‘Straight From the A’ blogger

The You Got Served producer Christopher Stokes actually served “Straight From the A” blogger Michelle Brown with a lawsuit because of what he believed was flagrant defamation of his character and image and ceaseless harassment for the past several years.

Brown, for her turn, found out that freedom of speech is actually not free under certain circumstances, and it cost her a million dollars to learn that lesson, court documents state.

Former R&B group B2K

A suburban Los Angeles court ruled in favor of Stokes in the amount of just more than a million dollars because of Brown’s relentless story writings and YouTube postings about Stokes’ alleged sexual relations with then under-aged B2K band members, most particularly Raz B. The lawsuit judgment also forces the tenacious “Straight from the A” blogger to take down any and all defamatory and inflammatory material related to Stokes immediately.

It didn’t help matters, presumably, that Brown posted such contentious Twitter exchanges between herself and Stokes:

“LMAO ‪@chrisstokes1969 coming for me. I like men, you like boys. Mine is legal, urs gets u locked up.”

And this when Stokes poked at Brown’s portliness:

‪@chrisstokes1969 I like food and you like d—-….so what else you got?”

The Superior Court of California (in Anaheim, Calif.,) actually ruled in Stokes’ favor around Christmastime, but the judgment is just now reaching the media.

Sources close to the case also mention that, because Brown has refused to take down all the damaging information related to Stokes — she has taken down most of it — she is possibly facing a similar defamation lawsuit in the state of Georgia, where she is obviously based. Stokes felt that he was forced to take Brown to court because Brown refused to stop writing and posting damaging information about Stokes, claiming that he sexually abused Raz B (photo’d with Raz B above) and other members of B2K throughout the course of his management of the group.

This is not the first time that Brown has been the subject of contentious court battles with celebrities. It is well known in Atlanta that former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield filed an unsuccessful restraining order against the Straight from the A blogger and others who were reporting regularly about Whitfield’s incomplete and embarrassing “Chateau Sheree” home in metro ATL.


B2K Founder Chris Stokes Lands Horror Film Partner


The money trail is leading Chris Stokes further into the film industry. Recently, he secured a partnership with Grinstone Entertainment Group to release “The Helpers” movie. The forthcoming horror film stars Dallas Lovato, sister of pop singer Demi Lovato.

The Helpers synopsis:
Seven friends on a road trip to Las Vegas break down near a rest-stop motel, where they encounter a seemingly helpful group of people. Convinced to stay overnight, the friends wake up in their rooms to a gruesome and bloody terror.

Stokes became known for discovering and shaping the careers of IMx/Immature, B2K, Marques Houston, Omarion in the 90’s.

His first foray in the film business was a writer and director for House Party 4 in 2001. Then he went on to direct the #1 Box Office hit You Got Served.

Chris Stokes Starts New Year With A New Attitude


Chris Stokes has added yet another designation for himself. You can now call him the “Marathon Man”. With the start of a new year Stokes says that he is fully recharged and ready to take over the world this year. Be on the look out for all Chris Stokes news and updates daily on this blog!

Chris Stokes Marathon Man


I’m running the marathon of life, and I will win the race! See you at the end of 2014, the year of FAITH and believing in following my father GOD. I’m a proud father of 4 great children! Film Director/Writer/Producer/Music Executive and most importantly, a lover of God & Humble in spirit. Father I give you the glory for all things to come in 2014. I Love you.

Chris Stokes Hangs Out With His Daughter


Spent a little time with my beautiful daughter over the holidays. The time spent with family is always important. I Love my little girl. She’s growing up to be such a wonderful person!

Chris Stokes Health & Exercise Tips


Grab some great health and fitness tips from Chris Stokes. Chris has listed a few tips below to help you start your year right!

Wake up with protein: When people ate a high-protein breakfast like eggs, they were less hungry in the morning and reduced their food intake at lunch compared to a low-protein like pancakes and syrup, found a University of Missouri study.

Lunch before 3: A study in the International Journal of Obesity found that eating your biggest meal—in this case lunch—before 3 p.m. may help you lose more weight compared to eating later in the day.

Add even more protein: Eating a 160-calorie snack that included 24 grams of protein three hours after lunch reduced hunger, upped fullness, and helped prevent overeating, according to another University of Missouri study. Try 1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese in the afternoon—it packs about 28 grams of protein and 163 calories.

Stop early: Limiting the time you spend eating to an eight-hour period per day helps prevent obesity and diabetes, per research.

Chris B Stokes Puts On His Songwriting Hat Again


Chris Stokes decides to start songwriting again in 2014. Many people may not know it but one of Chris Stokes’ many talents happens to be songwriting. This year Chris Stokes has decided to get back into the songwriting arena. He has began to work with a lot of new talented musicians and he will be writing songs for and in conjunction with them. For those of you that haven’t heard some of Stokes’ songwriting skills, get ready! You just may hear a few of them climbing up the charts this year.

Chris Stokes Running A Marathon For Life


In order to succeed in life you have to be prepared for to run a marathon. It isn’t always easy but if you train hard and stay strong you can run it successfully. Don’t be afraid to run and be confident that you can win!! I am!!

Chris Stokes Is Working On New Dance Show


Chris Stokes is working on a new dance show. The media mogul has decided to take his extensive knowledge of the dance world and bring it to primetime. “I think it’s time for the television world to have a new dance show since ABDC is gone”, says Stokes. Though he wouldn’t disclose any other details, Stokes guaranteed that the new show would be very innovative and more than compete with the dance shows of that past and those that are out currently. Keep checking back in for updates on Stokes’ new show!