Christina Aguilera Bares Toned Midriff In Bra Top On Music Video Set

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Damn, girl! Christina Aguilera looked like a knockout on the set of Alejandro Fernandez’s “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” music video on Wednesday, May 15. Showing off her slimmer shape in a midriff-baring bra top and black pencil skirt, the 32-year-old Grammy winner struck a serene pose while overlooking the ocean from her balcony. Aguilera shared the picture via her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Already No. 1 in more than 17 countries, “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” serves as the theme song for the popular Spanish-language soap opera, La Tempestad. This isn’t the first time Aguilera has crossed over into the Latin music market, having released Mi Reflejo in 2000.

Though Aguilera’s weight has fluctuated in recent years, the “Feel This Moment” singer doesn’t pay any mind to her critics. “It’s noise I block out automatically,” she told Marie Claire in February 2012. “I love my body. My boyfriend [Matthew Rutler] loves my body. My son [Max] is healthy and happy, so that’s all that matters to me.”

“I happen to be very confident in my own skin,” the Voice mentor (who will return for Season 5) told the magazine. “It takes time to get to that place, but it’s all about embracing yourself and your body.”

Chris Stokes Making Moves In Hollywood

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Mega-successful entrepreneur Christopher B. Stokes began his career in music with the discovery of such stars as Brandy, Omarion, Immature, B2K, Omarion and Marques Houston. A Los Angeles native, Stokes has been immersed in the music business since the age of seventeen. Known for his ingenuity behind chart-topping success stories such as multi-platinum selling groups “B2K” and “Immature” and solo artists “Omarion” (former lead singer of “B2K”) and Marques “MH” Houston (former lead singer of “Immature”/”IMX”), Stokes continues his meteoric rise in the music.

Involved in every step of the creative process with his artists, Stokes is an accomplished songwriter as well. He has contributed to tracks for superstar groups Destiny’s Child, B2K, and Immature, and he has written with Omarion and Marques Houston on their solo projects.

Without a doubt one of the most influential players in R&B music, Stokes’ creative ventures extend well beyond his music roots. In 2003, Stokes made his feature writing/directing debut with the super successful “You Got Served”. That film surprised Hollywood, opening at #1 and continuing to dominate even in its 2nd weekend. “You Got Served” went on to gross more than $150 million worldwide in box office and DVD combined. The dance film and it’s success ignited a spark throughout the dance community and gave a breath of life to the dance culture in the industry and worldwide.

Stokes has gone on to direct more than 150 music videos for artists on his label as well as artists from other labels, including the video for Omarion’s “Cut Off Time,” the lead single for the Jennifer Lopez-produced hit film “Feel the Noise.” He recently shot the first two videos “Girlfriend” and “Hey Baby” for Omarion’s duet album with Bow Wow, Face Off, which was released in December 2007.

Stokes’ also ventured into the Clothing industry with Christopher Brian, a new high-end apparel line. Chris Stokes is the creative director for the line since its inception, and it represents his vision for luxurious, beautiful clothes for men and women. Deemed “the brand for the million-dollar man,” the collection was a huge success at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas in 2007. Hundreds of celebrities packed Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel to launch the line which featured a special performance from Timbaland. The collection is available in select boutiques this year.

In 2007 Stokes directed the horror film “Somebody Help Me” which starred Omarion and Marques Houston. In addition to directing the film, Stokes also wrote the script. The film was released to DVD on November 13, 2007 and made a television premiere on BET on Halloween 2007.

Being that Stokes “re-invented” the dance genre and dance culture with the pop culture hit “You Got Served”, he wanted to do it again in 2008 with the film “Boogie Town” written and directed by Stokes as well. He took dance to another level by mixing the world of dance and the supernatural to create a new age futuristic style of dance and dance battling. Commonly referred to as a modern day “Westside Story” with a mix of “You Got Served”, “Underworld” and “Twilight”, “Boogie Town” promises to be a fresh, innovative look into the world of dance. “Boogie Town” has not been given a definitive release date as of yet.

In 2010, Stokes went back to his experience in the horror genre and wrote and directed the sequel to “Somebody Help Me”, “Somebody Help Me 2”. The sequel reunites Stokes with Sonny King (Corbin), Omarion (Darryl) and Marques Houston (Brendan) and picks up where the first installment left off. The film made it’s television premiere on BET on October 29, 2010 and is slated to be released on DVD in early 2011.

Over his career, Stokes has proved to be a successful music producer, film director, film producer and entrepreneur. Having directed four feature length films Stokes plans to continue and focus more on his career in film directing and production. In 2011 he is slated to direct the third and fourth installments in the Somebody Help Me series. Stokes has also considered going into the world of television as well with many more movies to come.

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