Does Halle Berry Dip Her Breasts in Guacamole in New Movie?

Have you heard about Halle Berry dipping her boobs in a bowl of guacamole in the new comedy Movie 43?

Well, put those tortilla chips away because her food porn performance has been greatly exaggerated.

The bosom you see is fake!

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It’s been reported that the Oscar winner smears her bare breasts with guacamole in a scene directed by Peter Farrelly, one of many directors who contributed to the raunchy star-packed flick.

The rumor mill took off online and in the English tabloids after Farrelly told the Chicago Sun-Times that he and Berry “came up with a scene where she puts her breasts in guacamole” because the movie is a “hard R.”

Sources who have seen the movie report that it’s obvious Berry used prosthetics. The guacamole-dipping happens when a date Berry’s character is on at a Mexican restaurant unexpectedly turns into a game of truth or dare.

“They’re so huge,” one source said. “You can totally tell they’re fake.”

A rep for Berry confirms they are fake.

Jennifer Lopez: I Want an Academy Award!

Having more kids isn’t the only thing that Jennifer Lopez would love to do.

J.Lo also wants an Academy Award.

“I think everybody that has ever taken acting seriously would love to be recognized in that way,” Lopez told me yesterday while she and Jason Statham were promoting their new crime thriller Parker (in theaters Jan. 25) at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. “Of course! Why not?”

She’s even thought about her acceptance speech. “It changes every so often over the years,” Lopez, who recently signed with power talent agency CAA, said with a laugh. “Different people, different things.”

If the day comes that she is nominated for the coveted gold man, we can’t wait to see what she’d wear to the show. “Oh, trust me,” she said. “I’ll be ready.”

She certainly was body-ready when she filmed a scene in Parker in which Statham’s character makes her strip to her underwear and bra.

“It was nerve-racking,” Lopez remembered. “I was like, ‘Oh, how is this going to look? Who’s lighting this?’ But you know, I had to get in shape physically but also emotionally. I had to build up to it mentally, prepare yourself to know you are just going to be standing there naked vulnerably and in a very vulnerable emotional way as well.”

She keeps fit with a trainer from Tracy Anderson, but admits she sometimes strays. “I should be more healthy, to be honest,” Lopez said. “My kids eat healthier than I because you want them to be healthy. But I have bad habits from, you know, growing up in the Bronx—Hawaiian Punch, Kool-Aid! The more sugar, the better!”

Lopez also admits she could have done American Idol “longer, but I just felt like I gotta go on tour and I have these movies to make…I think it’s a good time for me to do more movies.”

You hear that, Oscar?

Samuel L. Jackson Insists Reporter Say N-Word During Django Unchained Interview

Nothing says fear quite like Samuel L. Jackson barking at you to say the n-word in front of rolling TV cameras.

But Jake Hamilton, host of Houston’s Fox TV affiliate show Jake’s Takes, was forced to look that fear in the eyes during a recent interview with the Pulp Fiction star.

“There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the usage of the N-word in this movie,” Hamilton began his question as Jackson, 64, looked on stoically.

“No? Nobody? None? The word would be…” the actor feigned confusion.

“I don’t want to say it. I don’t like to say it,” Hamilton stuttered.

The awkward exchange continued as Jackson demanded that Hamilton say the derogatory term on-camera.

“We’re not gonna have this conversation unless you say it,” Jackson said straight-faced.

“I don’t want to say it…can you say it?” Hamilton said later after Jackson finally relented and began cracking up.

“Oh f–k no, it’s not the same thing,” Jackson replied. “It wasn’t a great question if you can’t say the word.”

The video of the uncomfortable interview went viral on Reddit, with users weighing in on how they thought the TV host should have handled the situation. Hamilton stands by his decision not to say the term.

“Whatever the video’s doing today, making the rounds, it’s not as bad as it would be if I had actually said it,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “The last thing that my affiliate needs is one of their reporters going around saying the N-word and broadcasting it everywhere.”

Jay-Z Working On ‘The Great Gatsby’ Score

Jay Gatsby and Jay-Z! What a duo.

Rapper Jay-Z’s music is featured prominently in the trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’ and now, according to a tweet unleashed into the Twitterverse yesterday (Dec. 30), the rapper has been tasked to compose original music for the score.

A tweet issued by The Bullitts, the rap/electronic project of producer Jeymes Samuel, confirmed that the Hova is involved in the latest remake of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of money, excess and love. The tweet has since been deleted from The Bullitts’ feed, but it lives on, courtesy of ScreenCrush.

The tweet read: “Jay-Z and myself have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby! It is too DOPE for words!

Further details about the rapper’s efforts on the score are not known at this time. There is also no guarantee that any of Jay-Z’s work will actually be featured in the final product, but that doesn’t dim our interest in this news.

We may have to wait until the film’s theatrical bow on May 10, 2013 to see or hear what Jay-Z was able to do and how he was inspired by the plot and themes of the book and the film.

Terrence Howard Sued Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill

Terrence Howard has been accused of being a little short on the flow.

The onetime Oscar nominee was sued by American Express last month for failing to pay his balance of $33,474.79 despite demands from the creditor, according to court documents.

Alleging breach of written contract and other finance-related affronts, Amex wants that sum plus the 10 percent interest since accrued on Howard’s account and legal fees.

There’s been no word yet from Howard’s camp.

The 43-year-old actor and father of three most recently starred in the George Lucas-produced World War II drama Red Tails and he can currently be seen in theaters in a small role in On the Road.

Lindsay Lohan’s Talent Company Offering Her Up For Weddings & Bat Mitzvahs Amid Financial Troubles

Lindsay Lohan’s financial burdens are catching up with her, because the Liz & Dick star’s talent agency is now offering up their client for appearances at weddings and Bat Mitzvah’s in an effort to wrangle in some extra cash, is reporting.

According to a new report, the New York Post received a pitch via email from 123Talent — an agency claiming to rep the actress — with the subject line “Book One of Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Stars Lindsay Lohan Now!”

The email pitch went on to say that Lindsay, 26, would make appearances at any event, such as weddings and Bat Mitzvahs.

“Not only is Lindsay an Actress but she is also a Fashion Designer, Model and Recording Artist,” the pitch reminded readers in hopes it would add value to her appearance.

A highly lucrative endorsement deal also weighs in the balance for Lindsay with Odaingerous clothing line, who initially offered the troubled actress around $500,000 to be their spokesperson, but her recent arrests and legal troubles have the company re-thinking their offer and nothing has been signed.

“One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls,” Michael explained about the offers. “The other is for $30,000 for a ‘Don’t Drink and Drive message!'”

Michael slammed Lindsay’s new management team, saying, “Are they going to pay her bills? Seems like someone wants Lindsay to fall hard, which will only further cause stress, which she doesn’t need! I am sick of these inept people!”

Demi Moore’s Bizarre Behavior Has Daughter’s Concerned

Demi Moore has been displaying increasingly bizarre behavior and it’s causing her daughter to be concerned. Demi’s daughters, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout with ex-husband Bruce Willis are having a hard time watching their mother in a downward spiral.

Ever since Moore split from husband Ashton Kutcher, family and friends have watched her spiral out of control. Last week, Moore attended the Chanel Beachside Barbecue in Miami at the Soho House. Between her strange dancing and stray cat, guests of the barbecue couldn’t help but laugh.

Moore found the stray cat in the pool area of the SoHo Beach House. Demi Moore then took the cat with her to the dinner and kept the cat on her lap. One eyewitness reported to the New York Post, “The kitten sat on Demi’s lap throughout the meal. She was cuddling and petting it.”

Later that evening, Moore entertained the guests with odd gyrating dance moves. Several guests including Lenny Kravitz and George Clooney were amused at her wild and bizarre dancing.

Continuing her out of control behavior, Moore arrived walked the red carpet for an Art Basel celebration of fashion photographer, Terry Richardson. Arriving in a cleavage baring dress, Demi Moore made the media’s day with her facial expressions and poses.

A source close to the family revealed that the girls were extremely embarrassed by their mother’s behavior. “Rumer, Tallulah and Scout are mortified by their mother at the moment. They are becoming ever increasingly concerned about her bizarre and outlandish behavior.”

“Demi just seems absolutely desperate for attention and they fear that she isn’t in a good place mentally right now. They had to hold an intervention for her earlier in the year prompting her to check into rehab for treatment and they fear the same thing is going to have to happen again. To say they are worried about her would be an understatement.”

“The girls are thoroughly embarrassed by Demi right now and her desperation for attention is troubling. They say it is very out of character for her to be behaving the way she has been and they are concerned there is some deep routed issue at the heart of it. And, it’s not just the girls who are worried. Several of Demi’s friends have also said they are concerned something is seriously wrong right now.”

Lindsay Lohan Bank Accounts Seized By IRS

Add an IRS seizure to the problems taxing Lindsay Lohan. Uncle Sam has taken control of all of the “Liz & Dick” star’s bank accounts in an effort to recover $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2011 and an unspecified amount from 2011, first reported. The asset freeze comes at a bad time for Lohan, 26. She’s due in court Dec. 12 for an arraignment on three misdemeanor charges related to her June car crash and may need to cough up cash for a new bail bond if Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey revokes her shoplifting probation. “I’m very concerned,” dad Michael Lohan told the Daily News Monday. “Where is all her money going?” He said his famous daughter recently made more than $100,000 to promote the new Mr. Pink energy drink, and that was after she allegedly helped mom Dina Lohan stave off foreclosure on her Long Island home with some $40,000. “I care about one thing: Lindsay’s life,” Michael Lohan said. “I know she’s drinking again, and that’s bad enough. What happens if she goes to jail? They don’t detox you in jail. I want her in rehab. I wanted her in rehab six months ago.” The “Mean Girls” star is reportedly stressed over her current legal situation but adamant she does not need rehab, TMZ reported Sunday.

Katie Holmes on Jimmy Fallon: Happy In First Post-Divorce TV Interview

Katie Holmes was in good spirits during an appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Thursday, and the actress revealed that she is open to starring in a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion.

The 33-year-old “Dead Accounts” star was relaxed and happy throughout the segment, despite it being her first post-divorce TV interview. She spoke about her latest acting gig and having slight reservations about a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion.

“We have kind of talked about it here and there but we’re like ‘what do you do’ because our last episode Michelle [Williams’] character passed away,” Holmes said with reference to the character known as “Jen.”

In September, actor Joshua Jackson, who played Pacey in the popular TV series, revealed that Holmes had contacted him to catch up shortly after her divorce from Cruise, 50, was finalized. She had reportedly been interested in the possibility of a show reunion during her marriage to Cruise, although the actor allegedly shot down the idea.

Lindsay Lohan Could Go Back To Jail For Lying To The Police

Lindsay Lohan could be headed for trouble once again as it now appears the actress will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her June car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, according to TMZ today. Lindsay Lohan allegedly plowed her Porsche into the back of an 18-wheel tractor trailer truck as told by multiple witnesses at that time.

However, the “Mean Girls” actress, 26, told cops a different story once she arrived at the hospital. The crime of lying to police will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney as early as this week. This could spell big trouble for Lohan given she’s still on probation for her necklace theft.

Lindsay Lohan was convicted of lifting a necklace from a Venice boutique back in February of last year. She ultimately pled guilty to a misdemeanor theft and violation of probation in that case and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service.

Lindsay Lohan could be heading back to jail for violating her probation by lying to police last June about her car accident.
Photo credit: Getty
This latest criminal filing could trigger a violation of that probation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner, the judge in that case, could send her back to prison for a long time.