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It’s go time people!!  I’m ready to give you guys the possibility of a huge opportunity.  I want to hire talented actors, production people and others to work in the film & tv business.  If you feel that you are qualified,  send your info to and as always if you want more information about me go to the following links.

Director Chris Stokes joins cause for film, television industry change

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Calling all of my talented men and women out there.  Are you driven, inspired and  ready to work?  If so I might have a job opportunity for you.  I’m looking for professionals in the film and television industry that are hungry and ready to work.  If you feel that’s you then submit your info to me at

For more information –

Director Chris Stokes joins cause for film, television industry change

Looking For New Talent



Are you a talented individual?  If you feel that you are I may have a big opportunity for you.  If you over the age of 18 and interested in the movie business you can apply.  Send your info to and as always if you want more information about me go to the following links.

Director Chris Stokes joins cause for film, television industry change


Chris Stokes Offers Huge Opportunities To The Film & TV Industry


Moving in the direction of positivity is the only way to move!  I’m on a missions to find more positive people and energy to work with me in the movie business.  If you have any talents in the film and television industry and are interested, read the information below –

Chris Stokes ( is looking to give job opportunities to work in the film industry. ( If you have any experience in the field of feature films assisting, acting, gripping, electric, camera, editing, color timing, production coordinator, website designer, personal assistants or any other film production skills please submit your resume right away to

For additional information go to – &

Looking forward to all submissions!

Leap Of Faith



I don’t do this often but I wanted to share a piece of my journey with all of you.  It’s great to have faith in GOD and see the things that he provides. Getting ready to direct my next movie and I’m having a blast.  If you don’t already take a moment to thank GOD for everything you have.  Peace!!!!

The Real Reason Justin Timberlake Left ‘N Sync

Everyone has his own version of the truth.

Ask Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone or Chris Kirkpatrick why Justin Timberlake left ‘N Sync at the height of the boy band’s success and you’re likely to get different answers. Timberlake’s truth is revealed in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Feb. 17 issue. “We were on a stadium tour, and I just felt like the whole thing was too big. It started as a fun snowball fight that was becoming an avalanche,” the “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” singer remembers. “And, also, I was growing out of it.”

“I felt like I cared more about the music than some of the other people in the group,” he explains. “I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart.”

In addition to becoming a solo artist, Timberlake found success in Hollywood with Alpha Dog, The Social Network, Friends With Benefits, Runner Runner and other films. But he doesn’t prefer one form of expression to the other. “I want to do both things. I really do idolize the golden era of Hollywood, when actors were required to sing and move. But I’m just following my gut in the decisions that I make about what I’m going to do next. I’m mostly just glad this is all working out because I really can’t do anything else,” Timberlake confesses. “I’m not gifted at anything else.”

At the moment, Timberlake is unsure whether he wants to focus on acting or music. “Going on tour is a circus. You set up the tents, you play the show, you tear the tents down and go on to the next place. It’s like Groundhog Day,” he says. “After the 125th show, you feel debilitated.”

Even so, Timberlake is excited about his new music. “It sounds more like where I’ve come from than any other music I’ve ever made,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s Memphis. It’s Southern American music. I want to make it sound modern—at least that’s the idea right now.”

The most important thing to consider, though, is how his career will affect his family.

“Everything feels divisive to me right now,” he says. “Everything.”

Beyonce Is A Mom Again…Pregnant With Twins

Of the roughly 9 million likes Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement has received on Instagram, there are few that like the picture more than those in the maternity photography business.

People around the country (and probably world) took a hiatus from the headline-dominating political arguments Wednesday when they heard the news, announced via Instagram: Beyonce and Jay Z are having twins, making daughter Blue Ivy Carter an older sister times two.

Then on Thursday, the “Formation” singer unleashed the mother load: A whole album of maternity photos, titled “I have three hearts.” She was underwater in some, nude in others, on top of a flower-covered car in one, and a few featured Blue Ivy.

With her worldwide trendsetting powers, Queen Bey has the ability to awaken a whole new crowd to the pregnancy photo industry with one post. But that power could quickly turn sour if it causes moms-to-be to set their expectations too high, and leave maternity photographers with the task of explaining artistic differences.

Chris Stokes Starts His Hollywood Initiative


Chris Stokes, director of the #1 box office hit “You Got Served” has joined the cause to see more minorities in Hollywood by creating the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop Experience. Stokes hopes to give opportunities to minorities that desire to be in the film/tv industry but don’t have the resources to do so.

In a field that is predominantly non-minority driven, the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop hopes to help change the face of Hollywood. There are so many talented actors, directors, producers, etc. in Hollywood that are minorities and looking for a chance to show their talent. The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop will select applicants to be involved in the film and television shows that Chris Stokes’ production company ‘Footage Films’ will be producing. By creating these opportunities, the Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop hopes to bring more minorities to the forefront of the film and television making process. The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop will give upcoming, talented individuals an opportunity of a lifetime, working on set as part of the workshop with Chris himself.

Chris Stokes looks to get more minorities into the film and television industry. Check out contact section to submit your resume.

Chris Stokes is now actively accepting and reviewing submissions for providing these opportunities. If you are interested go to to send your submission on why you feel you should be part of The Chris Stokes Movie Training Workshop “Hollywood Initiative”. Learn more about Chris Stokes and his past work at –

Also check out some trailers for Chris Stokes’ upcoming movies!

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