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Home Celebrities Rihanna Got Kicked Out Of A Mosque For Literally Her Tamest Stunt Ever

Rihanna Got Kicked Out Of A Mosque For Literally Her Tamest Stunt Ever


Rihanna would likely walk around completely naked if it were legal, and though she actually covered up during her recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, the singer was still asked to leave Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque on Saturday.


The mosque’s overseers told the Associated Press that they asked the 25-year-old pop star to leave the compound after she posed for photos they considered to be at odds with the sanctity of the site.


Rihanna has yet to comment publicly, though she did post a number of pictures of herself from the photo shoot, that were deemed offensive, to her Instagram account. In the pics, the singer adheres to the mosque’s guidelines, she was covered up in a black jumpsuit from head to toe.


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