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Home Breaking News Kim Kardashian Breaks Twitter Silence To Wish Khloe Kardashian Happy Birthday

Kim Kardashian Breaks Twitter Silence To Wish Khloe Kardashian Happy Birthday

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Now that’s family love! Kim Kardashian broke her Twitter silence for the first time since giving birth to baby North West to wish her little sister Khloe Kardashian a happy birthday. The reality star, 32, shared two collages of the Kardashian sisters on her Twitter account on Thursday, June 27, one depicting them as youngsters and the other filled with more recent shots.

“The birthday girl! I love you so much!” Kim captioned the first shot, adding that Khloe is “the most loyal & supportive person on the planet!” on the other.

Kim has been on a social media radio silence since giving birth to daughter North on Saturday, June 15.


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